The name “NEUW” is inspired by the place on Nieuwlandstraat in Brussels where one of the founders Pär Lundqvist began to alter vintage denim pieces and the idea to create a modern denim brand was born. Pär was an major collector, spending years travelling, collecting and examining the finer details of thousands of vintage garments that had endured the tough test of time down mines, on fields and on the streets of major cities.

Every pair of jeans Neuw make is based on this extensive research. But, rather than just replicating what once was, Neuw adapt details, patterns and fabrics to be perfect for right now.

Neuw create jeans like many of their favourite bands create music. They have a burning passion for roots music, rebellion and the aesthetics connected to a lifestyle. They are both driven to take their craftsmanship to new places by experimenting with the original raw sound and rhythm. Bands create new music but they create NEUW Denim.