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Erin Wasson for Neuw Denim

When choosing a muse for Australia’s coolest denim brand, Erin Wasson, the archetype- cool girl, was the only choice. Effortlessly chic, with an unparalleled rock’n’roll attitude she embodies the brand that is, Neuw Denim. Neuw Denim is a 21st century denim brand, we know jeans- we understand jeans. The uniform of the rebel, part of every sub culture, counter culture and youth movement. At Neuw Denim we create jeans with purpose, constructed with durability to wear the scars and repairs of our journeys. Wear with Purpose is the story of denim and the people who wear it. We captured Erin, model- entrepreneur in an intimate and raw setting. Showcasing her personality, with the confidence and beauty that make her an icon. 

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