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Frida Edlund - I am Neuw

Her background is in art photography in and outside of Sweden. She has never sought fame or fortune, but has chosen to live in obscurity and from there be able to create things that touch her soul. There are always dark elements to Frida's work. From the dark, a hope of light is born and from the light comes the chaos of emotions. The time she spent with Thron Ullberg deepened her interest in the beauty of the dark portrait. While working with Ewa-Marie Rundquist she developed her interest in the energy of movement in a still picture. In time the energy of movement led her to experience the exhausting glamour of being a fashion photographer. Even travels, luxury hotels, drugs and supermodels eventually become an everyday grind. The capitalist commercialism consumed her soul and Frida chose to set aside her camera in order to seek, from stillness, the picture that has the power to move. The picture that, for her, makes time still for a second. She made her way to Berlin and, there, she found the chaos. And in the chaos she found what she was looking for. The moments in between, the perfect that emerges from the imperfect. Chaos's enveloping love. In the midst of this transformative time for her, she came into contact with NEUW. There story captivated her. NEUW's love for a garment's craft, its quality, its story, but with equal reverence for the creative power of chaos and the vision of creating clothes for mankind in the 21st century. That inspired her to start creating.

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